CVTech has a new Finish Your Book class!

CVTech has a new Finish Your Book class!

New authors in our latest Finish Your Book class are Deidre Lockwood, Rosemarie Durgin, and Julie Marquardt.  We are having fun learning about websites and blogs.  Woohoo!


Write Publish & Market Your Book – new classes & new online writing community!


“I absolutely loved taking this class. Andrea Foster has a strong concern for her students and their success. Taking this class has been one of the best decisions I’ve made with regard to my professional development.”
“I loved this course, and the teacher is super. I now have two books in print and two more ready to go because of her help and knowledge.”
“She is so knowledgeable, and I appreciate the individual attention.”
“Andrea did an absolutely fantastic job! She was very well prepared and her experience, depth of knowledge, and passion for teaching the class were clear every single class. She provided excellent research materials and practical ways for new writers to become published authors. I’d attend any future class she teaches!”
These are some of the things my students have written about my WRITE PUBLISH & MARKET YOUR BOOK classes. I have also been told by a marketing person that only ONE of my sessions was like having a fire hose (of ideas) turned on her! Still others have said, “why spend $300 on a conference when I can spend $19 for a class that covers everything and so much more?” To be fair, that $19 is the senior/veteran’s discount, but full price of the class is $99. (for 24 hours/8weeks of 3-hour classes)
I was in the book business a LOONNG time doing everything from writing, editing, marketing, and every other aspect of publishing there is. I got the goods! Please join us for a cheap, fun, and worthwhile experience at CVTech! You know you have wanted to publish your book. Let’s do it!!! As they said, I love to help!
Cheers! Andrea Foster aka The Booklady

Creative Quills reads at Our Glass!

Creative Quills reads at Our Glass!

Creative Quills members held a Story Slam at Our Glass in El Reno for Burger Day.  LaDonna White legitimately won the evening with her humorous story.  We had new writers Garrett Clifton and Milton White as well as some of our “regulars”!  Join us for the next event Thursday, June 7th at 7pm for a writing adventure at restaurant & pub Our Glass, 108 S. Bickford, El Reno, OK.


Writing & Publishing Classes start again at the VoTech! CVTech, that is!

Writing & Publishing Classes start again at the VoTech!  CVTech, that is!

If you have ever wanted to write a book or take those poems in the closet and publish them or take your Nana’s memoirs and publish them, the classes at CVTech are for you.  You will learn everything you need to learn about how to finish your book, how and where to publish it, and what to do after you’re done.

Want to make money?  Write Publish Your Book on Mondays, 6-9pm teach you how to do so with writing and book related careers.  Learn the tips and tricks to getting published and making money with your book.

You can also learn how to create and publish a book for next to NADA–that’s nothing!  Learn about self-publishing and on demand publishing and ebooks and much much more.

What does it take to become a best seller?  Do you need to be famous?  Do you need an agent? How fast (or slow) will success happen?  Learn everything there is to know about finishing and publishing your book and then selling it in this 8 week class for $99.  Veterans & seniors pay only $19!  For 8 weeks!

Publishing expert/writer/professor Andrea Foster has been in the “book biz” for over forty years.  Find out the real scoop to getting published!  After Class 1, then is a Workshop class on Wednesdays where we “git ‘er done”!  There is also a Wednesday class from 4-6pm called “Finish Your Book” for folks still in the process of completing a book project, whatever it may be.

Call CVTech to register: 405.422.2201.

NEW Publishing Class at CVTech begins tonight!

Our new class in finishing, publishing, and marketing one’s book starts tonight.  We have three new writers: Thurman, Leroy, and Kaye. Leroy writes fantasy. Thurman writes on a number of subjects.  Kaye?  We don’t know!  We’ll be surprised.

We’ll look forward to finding out more about each writer in this semester!writing4Check out these writers’ websites: