Our new book, pass-alongs, & new classes! Soon soon soon!


Here’s our new book, which should be out on Amazon, Kindle, and Createspace by September!  This book is filled with short stories by our Creative Quills writing group, and all the stories are told from a non-human perspective!  So much fun to write!

Our Creative Quills group at the El Reno Carnegie Library has swelled to more than twenty people!  We need a bigger room!  We’re currently writing Westerns for our next book, childhood memories, and a pass-along story about a robber/spy that will have numerous endings!  Remember those “Choose Your own Adventure” books?  Well, this is of that ilk. only the grown up version!

Then August 17th, our workshop group starts at CVTech where we will be tackling people’s individual needs.  Need a website or blog?  We’ll make it.  Need a query letter?  We’ll write one.  Need editing?  We’ll edit.  This class might have a few more spots open, but this is only for people who have already taken Class One–or if you have a completed book you’re wanting to market.

So, guess what, Class One (Write, Publish & Market Your Book I) for the August to October session is already full.  That’s the bad news! 😦  But the good news is: there is another session that runs October-December!  So if you haven’t signed up, you’ll have plenty of time to get into that one!

Our library group meeting for more creative writing highjinks on Tuesday at 10 am.  That’s a freebie, so if you’re near El Reno, come on out for some writing camaraderie, some laughter, and yes, we do write too!  All are so enjoyable!  We’d love to meet you and hear about your project!

http://www,creativequills.com  http://www.okwriters.com  http://www.writeok.com

http://www.meetup.com/CreativeQuills/  http://www.thebooklady.info



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