We’re writing Westerns!

cowboys I was re-reading Lonesome Dove a week ago, and that inspired me to ask my writing group if they thought they could each write some western short stories so we could then publish a book!  I love all the amazing ideas they come up with, so I posited the question, and they were enthusiastic, and we’re going to try it.

The story has to take place prior to 1910, at least.  Other than that, there are no requirements.  Lonesome Dove reminded me of a Western (and shorter) version of Game of Thrones, with lots of killing, raping and pillaging, (or at least “sportin'” and “thievin'”) and great characters.  So I’m putting this out there…how about it?

We have already put together one group of short stories that we are turning into a book.  This book is comprised of stories from the points of view of non-humans.  This will be called Alternate Perspectives, and we have some great stories in that genre!  Fun to write and to read!

We have had nearly ten people showing to each meeting, and we are going to move to a larger room!  Lately, we have been doing pass-along stories.  This is where one person writes a scenario, and a second person continues the story, and then a third continues it further.  We’ve had some wild dips and turns with those stories too, so if they’re good enough, we may just publish them somewhere as well.

Check out http://www.writeok.com for writer’s prompts and http://www.okwriters.com to see what happened after using some of those prompts.

Last week, we also did one liners.  Practice writing a smashing first line and/or first paragraph, because remember, if you don’t grab your reader by the throat right away, he or she might put you aside.  This is especially true of editors and agents.

Put together your own writers group, and use each other for Beta readers.  Find some people who will be kind but honest.  This has really worked out well for us.  We have learned a lot!

As always, have fun with writing!  There’s no reason for stress: we have Spellchecker and Grammarcheck and editors for the fine-tuning.  You can do it!  Now, write on!

P.S. My CVTech classes on How to Write, Publish & Market Your Book will be coming again on Mondays in mid-April.  This is an 8 week crash course on everything you need to do to get published and SELL SELL SELL, for only $69 for the whole shebang.  This semester, we’ll also be offering Wednesday Workshop class where we MAKE STUFF HAPPEN: websites, blogs, self-publishing, query letters, the works.  If you live in the greater Oklahoma City area, check it out!  Call Http://www.cvtech.edu or me at http://www.meetup.com/CreativeQuills/.  My goal is help you make your writing dream a reality!


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