Creative Quills Writers Work on Novels & Interviews at Iron Tree Coffee Company!

There’s no better place to write than at a coffee shop, and in El Reno, that’s the Iron Tree Coffee Company on Woodson.  Today, Creative Quills writing group is meeting on final Sundays to work actively on our novels, interviews we’re doing for an upcoming magazine, and all kinds of other writing projects.  This is a great place to meet Beta readers, if you need people to read what you’ve written and give honest feedback on your stuff.

Today, we have Sue, who is working on a romance/mystery set in France; she’s also our group’s photographer!  We also have Shane Smith, working on a query letter for his book The First & the Last, a deep novel reminiscent of C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien.  Julie Marquardt is here to work on her young adult historical novel about a 19th century girl who loves sailing ships–and who ends up battling pirates and other sundry villains.  Rosemarie Durgin is a prolific writer who is currently editing her book about young children in war-torn Germany who get separated from their parents.  Debbie Fogle just got her first book published, Happiness is Hard to Find!  

We are going in a million different directions!  Coming to this writing group is a bit chaotic because we have so many projects.  We have several people researching pieces on buildings in downtown El Reno, some projects on animal personalities, one article that is a band interview, and some articles in the works about downtown businesses and their book connections.  So many things to write, so little time!  The writing life here in El Reno is a whirlwind!  In fact, many of our writers show up for open mic at The Bick, right around the corner, on Saturdays.

And me…I am writing a YA paranormal novel, several human interest (true) stories, lots of website content, editing one YA novel, and orchestrating all the creative writing groups.  Our group intention is to publish a book of short stories both as an E-book and as a trade paperback before the summer is out!  Meanwhile, I am teaching Comp I at Redlands Community College and am grading 20 papers a week!  What else is new?20160626_151542I don’t know!  I do what I can!  All I know is, we’re having a ball!  Look at the look on my face!  Eek! 🙂




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