Pros & Cons of Self-publishing an E-book

Pros & Cons of self-publishing an e-book

The Pros

  1. Uploading is easy.
  2. If you go with a company, you can leave it be & let go!ebook.
  3. Large companies have people come to them.
  4. Passive marketing-or none- is possible.
  5. Your book can go international.
  6. You can choose an “on demand” printing option.
  7. You have lots of control over the cover and the looks of the book on the inside.
  8. You can do-it-yourself
  9. You can pay if you need help.
  10. It can be quick and easy.


The Cons

  1. Marketing is more difficult.
  2. You may not earn a lot, because…
  3. It’s harder to sell.
  4. If you upload to your own site, marketing is hard.
  5. You have to work twice as hard to promote it, and…
  6. You don’t have any hard copies, unless you order and pay for some.
  7. You can do this with little to no money up front.

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